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  1. Psoriasis- in- horses -cracked-heel- a equine skin diseases

    Cracked Heel–This is a condition that can be very irritating to the horse and difficult to clear up. It is a form of psoriasis and occurs in the hollow of the pastern. It will be found most frequently in wet, cold weather. Even in horses it is the same as the human condition and is both an autoimmune skin disease and an inflammatory disorder.

    Although not proven yet - some horse owner use the UVB Treamtment lamp with good results.

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  2. Idiopathic non-inflammatory leukoderma or vitiligo in horses

    Idiopathic non-inflammatory leukoderma in horses have differentnames for these circumstances, concerns Pinky or Fading syndrome. Die in the perception that you know the importance of vitiligo. Vitiligo also affects other others and some animals.
    The shape and size of the vitiligo can be spontaneous. Vitiligo can manage the snout, face and genital areas and any area of ​​the horse that is fine-haired. There is no 100% treatment. What you see is probably only cosmetic and not harmful to the horse.
    Some need vitamin or mineral deficiency to monitor vitiligo. Therefore, you have maintained your feeding routine and completed a supplement to manage any deficit. Vitiligo also gilds as hereditary and in some breed counts.
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