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  1. UVB phototherapy for vitiligo not linked with skin cancer


    Finally it has been proven according to a study there is no increase in skin cancer for patients with vitiligo undergoing prolonged narrowband ultraviolet B phototherapy

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  2. Psoriasis Treatments during pregnancy safe?


    Which Psoriasis Treatments Are Safe During Pregnancy?

    Unfortunatel only limited data about the effects of psoriasis therapy during pregnancy is available.
    It make it difficult to know which options are possible for pregnant patients and which ones can be harmful
    “During the pregnancy, the decision of treating psoriasis and how to manage the treatment options demands careful thought because the health of both the mother and the foetus must be brought into consideration,”  says it in this article
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  3. How Staying Indoors Is Impacting Our Skin - Psoriasis and Vitiligo important tips


    This article might just be interessting for people who will have to stay in home and can´t get out in the fresh air. Our skin care will have to change. For all sufferers of Vitiligo and Psoriasis it is important to stick with the daily routine.

    How Staying Indoors Is Impacting Our Skin & What Your Routine Should Look Like

    The good news and the bad news you can read here

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  4. High Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorders in Patients With Pigmentation Disorders Vitiligo


    In the Dermatology Advisor was a interessting article about vitiligo sufferers experience psychicatric disorters due to their skin pigmentation problem.

    Many people feel so different and over time it leeds for some patients into a spiral and depression. Children are being victims of mobbing and causes a big concern.

    This disorder of the skin pigmentation can hit at any stage in your life. Even if you had a wound it could be the trigger.

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